Author: Berhanu Gebeyehu

Exporting and Importing SharePoint List form PowerApps Package

One of the challenges of using PowerApps to develop a SharePoint list form is portability. In most enterprises, developers use various environments for development, testing and production. In this blog post, we will look into the details of exporting a SharePoint list form PowerApps app from one SharePoint site to another. The following steps describes […]

How to determine Software Complexity

Occasionally businesses rewrite application software to retool, enhance performance, or re-platform to the cloud. Rewriting software applications starts with determining the complexity of existing applications. In this blog post, I will highlight the steps to determine software complexity and application re-write project planning. The first step to determine software complexity is to identify the various […]

Thoughts on Software Development Project Management

Over the years, I have been driving various software development projects. These projects are from small to large; simple to complex; from a few weeks to a few years. In this blog post, I will illustrate the common thread that makes a software product and project successful. I define a successful product as a running […]

Creating Teams Channel Meeting Link in Power Automate

This blog post discusses how to create a teams channel meeting link in Power Automate which involves constructing a teams meeting url for a particular channel. This has practical applications in sending out automated meeting invites based on certain events. For example, automating the creation of dynamic teams channel based on user input and post/send […]

Using Graph API with Power Automate to create Custom Actions

In this blog post, we use Graph API’s to develop custom actions in Power Automate. Custom actions are any piece of Power Automate functionality that are not provided out-of-box. Microsoft is constantly updating the out-of-box actions in Power Automate. However, there are some instances where the business needs may not be met with only those […]

Process Automation using Power Automate with SharePoint Online

In this blog post, we will discuss best practices to develop process automation using Power Automate with SharePoint Online. Power Automate is a process automation (workflow) tool for the Microsoft 365 (O365) platform. It interacts with almost all O365 apps and many more online services through connectors. One widely used tool for collaboration is SharePoint […]

Info-path forms and SharePoint Designer Workflow Conversion to Nintex Forms and Workflows

In this blog post, we discuss best practices for converting Info-path forms to Nintex form and SharePoint Designer workflows to Nintex Workflows. This approach can be applied to any sort of software conversion, software rewrite, or software upgrade. Write PowerShell Scripts to get the inventory of info-path forms, and SharePoint Designer workflows with associated metadata […]

M365 (O365) -Teams and Power Automate Integration

With Microsoft Teams becoming a defacto enterprise communication and collaboration tool, more and more firms are using Teams with other M365 (O365) productivity tool sets. One of the most widely used productivity tool is Power Automate (formerly Ms Flow). In this blog post, I will illustrate how to use Power Automate to dynamically create a […]